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Real Aligned Women

Jun 27, 2019

Episode 31: The Truth About Social Media and Sobriety

In this episode the ladies freestyle this discussion. 

Lately, the rise of Sobriety has been a hot topic in huge publications and the massive explosion that is happening on Social Media. 

As much as the ladies think the awareness is KEY(one of the reasons they created National Sober Day), some of these accounts and articles may have you confused and wondering why things to be swept under the mat as we did for so long in our active addictions.

Both Lori and Courtney talk openly about their feelings on it and believe Sobriety for many is about Life and death.

It's more than just your life in pretty photos on Instagram.

For them, it was a must to stop the addiction cycle.

Enjoy this episode and feel free to email us your thoughts on this topic!

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