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Real Aligned Women

Aug 8, 2019

Episode 37:  Surrendering to drugs and alcohol with Julie Kennedy

My name is Julie, and I am an alcoholic. I have the disease of “more” If it gets me out of the way I'm feeling, even just for a moment, I continue to do it, regardless of the consequences. 
I have what’s called co-occurring disorders. Meaning I also suffer from clinical depression. 
Drinking was the “escape” from reality and my debilitating depression. 

Drinking always resulted in blackouts and progressed very quickly in three years. I admitted out loud that I was an alcoholic, at the age of 23. The problem with my thinking is, I wanted to rationalize and justify all the ways I was different. I was too young, I didn’t come from a broken home, and I had never been arrested. This disease does not discriminate, and I qualified as an alcoholic long before I surrendered. My liver enlarged, and I experienced withdrawals every day, I was spiritually bankrupt. Rock bottom can be whatever you choose it to be, its when you stop digging. 

After five failed attempts of rehabs and sober livings, I completely and utterly surrendered my will and life to my higher power, whom I call God on 12/2/09. 

If I had made a list of all the things id hope to get out of recovery, I would have sold myself short. I went back to school when I was two years sober and became a drug and alcohol counselor. I started my own Amazon store when I was three years sober. My favorite and most rewarding way to be of service has to be speaking to the kids at the high schools. I have been doing this since I was eight months sober. I hope to continue to share my experience, strength, and hope, along with a group of amazing people in recovery. Our youth is our future. 

Is my life perfect? Heck no! Honestly, I'm grateful for my struggles, as it continues to teach me humility and gives me strength. I've turned my pain, into purpose.



Topics Discussed...

~When did you surrender to your addiction?

~What did surrendering look like to you?

~When did gratitude become a part of your recovery?

~How do you live in daily gratitude?


We hope you enjoy this episode!

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