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Real Aligned Women

Jul 19, 2019

Episode 34: Liquid Courage Vs. Sober Courage

In this episode, the ladies chat all about Liquid courage Vs. Sober courage.  

Both ladies agree that they fell in love with drinking at first sip and felt like it gave both of them the confidence they needed in life.

Drinking was like a warm security blanket for Lori and Courtney.  Does this sound familiar?  In the long run of things, alcohol just made it all worse.

The ladies discuss how Sober Courage is way better and what they have done, sober.  How each experience is different, but they are both so happy to be doing all the things now, SOBER.  

The benefits of sobriety always outweigh any fun you think you may be having in your drinking days.  

Trust when we say, alcohol lies to you, over and over again!

Enjoy this discussion!



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