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Real Aligned Women

Jul 25, 2019

Episode 35 

Life After Relapse with Lora Anne Strong 

 Lora Anne Strong, is the founder of, PROJECT SOBER,  and a women's empowerment coach.

She has led, multiple workshops, a retreat, launched digital courses and worked with women 1:1, focusing on releasing and healing old stories/wounds, so they can live their best lives! 
From her journey, she has turned her pain, into a passion!
Lora, loves to create, lead, and inspire others to, take back their power, expand their lives and step into their GREATNESS!  
It all comes down to, believing we are WORTHY of this greatness!
She is hosting her next retreat, in April of 2020 for women in recovery! 
Topics discussed: 
  • Lora's first experience getting sober; what she did, how long she was sober
  • What led her back to drinking years later 
  • Healing after divorce 
  • Surrendering and forgiving yourself 
  • Getting sober for the second time; what she did and what she does to maintain her sobriety today 
  • Becoming a fitness competitor in her fifties 
  • How she helps other women in recovery through coaching, online courses, and retreats 


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