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Real Aligned Women

Jul 4, 2019

Episode 32: Adult Child of an Alcoholic with Carly's Confessions

Carly is a transformational health coach, trained chef and most of all, a fun-loving single Mom.

Where she is today is a direct reflection of her health journey and now is on a mission to help other women change their lives.  She is a former party animal and recovering people pleaser until she realized she needed to make a change. That change came when she took a leap of faith and decided and to leave the corporate world. A scary situation that included leaving a steady salary with benefits and a baby on the way Carly then motivated herself to build her business from scratch while overhauling her entire lifestyle.

This included the people she surrounded herself with, foods she ate, and most importantly, her mindset and spiritual practices. Invigorated by doing whatever it takes to be the best she can be for her daughter Ava, Carly uses her passion, care, and relatability to influence others to make the same positive choices. Carly is now a 4-star diamond coach in the ever so competitive BeachBody world as well as a food stylist.

She resides in the Greater Chicago area with her daughter Ava and dog Tyson. When she is not helping people get better, she enjoys traveling, staying fit, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her friends and her boyfriend.


Topics Discussed...

Child of an Alcoholic HOME(Family Dynamics)

~What was it like growing up in an alcoholic home?
~What's one word that would describe that environment?
~Can you see now as an adult the dynamics of the family more?
~Being a parent now, are you more aware of the damage addiction plays into the development of a child's upbringing?

~How are you Healing with this as an adult?

~Top 3 practices you use for your healing journey


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