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Real Aligned Women

Apr 18, 2019

Episode 23: Faith, Family, and Fitness with Doug Bopst

In this episode, the ladies chat with the very motivating Doug Bopst!

Doug talks with the ladies about overcoming addiction in jail and the lessons he learned and took with him from that shallow point in his life. From rock bottom to now helping others with fitness...

Feb 28, 2019

Episode 16:

Empower Your Reality with Dr. Vic Manzo

Dr. Vic is a Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor, Transformational Mindset Catalyst, Inspirational Speaker and Influential Author.  Dr. Vic is the founder/co-owner of The Wellness Path, founder/owner of Empower Your Reality - an online consciousness school and...

Nov 22, 2018

Episode #4 

In this episode, we interview Leah Royster, who is a Sober Bartender! We discuss the empowerment of being around alcohol, how it is a job and how she has support from even her owners that she is sober.

Leah continues to bartend while she finishes school in the mortuary program at Wayne State University. “I...